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Q: Can I do SEO myself?

Answer:  You can do SEO yourself, however, the rules change daily.  Our experts are continually learning and researching what works and what doesn't work.  Many business owners simply to not have the proper time required to stay up-to-date with all the changes.  Doing the wrong thing can easily cause your website to drop or disappear completely from the search engines. 

Q: What do you do to rank my website?

Answer:  Each website and each industry is different.  Ultimately, we build the reputation of your website.  We help the search engines see your website as a relevant website in your industry. 

Q: Do you use automated tools?

Answer:  We DO NOT use any automated tools.  In fact, use of automated programs can hurt your site REALLY quickly.  We do everything manually and don't use any 'fast tracking' tools at all!  We keep your website 100% safe at all times.  Everything we do is done by a real person manually.