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In the past, businesses relied on a few sure-fire ways to attract new customers.  Those business owners simply placed ads on Radio & Television, or in Newspapers, Yellow Pages or Magazines. Their new businesses flourished, by simply paying money and waiting for the people to come.  In some markets those options can still be viable, but mostly, they are dead and gone.  Today, those old standbys have been replaced with Podcasts, YouTube, Google and Ebooks.

Local internet marketing today is simple.  In fact, it’s the same philosophy as it was in the past:


Where are your customers?  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and they are all using Google to find what they are looking for.  When they want to listen to a podcast, they go to iTunes, and when they want an ebook they go to Amazon.  Why not be in all the places that your customers are?

Our team at SEO Abbotsford will put your business where your potential customers are.

Guaranteed Placements in your City:

Packages starting at $750.00 for Setup

  • Monthly Packages starting at $150.00 per month*additional charges may apply as opportunities are different within every industry.

How Guaranteed Placements work:

  • ​You choose a 1 or 2 keyword phrase + your city.
  • We optimize your website and Social Media
  • Your minimum monthly costs are fixed & increase in predetermined goals depending on your rankings.

Initial 1 Year Contract with auto-renewal every 6 months